Stella Schwendner is a German photographer. She was born in 1983 in West-Berlin. After receiving her photographic education in Berlin, Rome and Paris she is now based between Istanbul and Berlin.

Germany +49 162 671 46 50

Turkey +90 531 598 17 31

Stella is inspired by the richness and complexity of life and her creative and playful eye invites us to appreciate beauty of all forms. She is adept at channeling the light of her surroundings, giving her work a timeless quality while retaining warmth and intimacy. Striking, lively and mysterious, her photographs combine natural creativity with poise and a sculptural appreciation for detail. She remains passionate about photography as a medium to explore intimate beauty across cultures.

Stella has worked in the fashion, acting and art industries and has collaborated with brands including AVON global, Boohoo, Adidas, Gvyn, Zemra Acarli, Naditum, Beyman, Gvyn and others.

Her editorial work has been published in magazines like Zeitmagazin, VOGUE Arabia, L`Officiel de la mode, L`Officiel art Paris, XOXO, Based Istanbul, NEON, All Magazine, Traffic, Some Men, ART and others.